5 Birthday Cakes

Last week, we visited my sister after couple of years to celebrate her kids birthdays. I was planning to make a cake for my little nephew. Its his first birthday and its only for the family. Small and cute was my theme.

Little did I know, I was going to make 5 cakes in 1 week, each completely different theme and a couple of them were decorated within few minutes before the celebration. Links below for dear friends who would like to check out the recipes.

Check out all the cakes on the website here.

All cakes are made with different themes and all different styles. And all are made for different group of people.

First up: Colorful M&M Cake

You can really dress up a simple cake without any frosting. He he… that’s what I did when my sis asked me to prep a cake(already baked) in 10 mins for my first Nephew’s virtual class surprise.

We went thru her closets and all we could find were M&Ms and sprinkles. So, out came the colorful party plates, M&Ms and lots of sprinkles.

Viola……A mighty colorful birthday cake is ready in exactly 10 mins. And I clicked this pic before sending it with my kids as a surprise to my nephew’s room.
My nephew, his classmates and his teacher were very surprised and happy to see this cheerful cake and kept saying how colorful and yummy it looks. Mission Accomplished!!!!

So, next time you are left with simple stuff to decorate a cake, let your creative skills flow!!!!

Cake 2: Chocolate Cake with Russian Buttercream

This cake was done once again for my first nephew but it’s for the family celebrations virtually all the way from India.

While surfing her pantry, I saw condensed milk. So, instead of traditional buttercream, I quickly whipped up Russian buttercream which only uses butter, condensed milk and some vanilla. The frosting was really creamy and tasty!

The cake crumbs are from the colorful M&M cake he cut in the morning for his virtual class followed by chocolate maple leaves and final drizzle by Hershey’s syrup and mini chocolate chips.

Pantry to the rescue!! Once again!

Cake 3: Vanilla Cake with Lego pieces !!!

For the neighborhood kids!

So, in the evening my 8 year old nephew cut yet another cake for his neighborhood friends. Just a few were invited to make his big 8 even more bigger! My sis wanted Lego themed cake. Hmmm, once again I started scratching my head. You see, I dont like to put anything non-edible on my cakes. I dont know why, I like it that way.

But I was not given much heads up. So we went to pick few lego pieces from their toys and the Vanilla Cake was ready by evening.

Finally, my first nephew was elated to celebrate his big 8 with his cousins, cut three cakes, family & friends wishing him and cheering him even during this lockdown. Ofcourse the finale included loads of smiles after getting the gifts he asked for his birthday. One happy camper I would say!

Cake 4: SMASH Cake – Bash Cake???

Remember I told you, we went to celebrate kid(s) birthday? Both Nephews birthdays were within 4 days of each other and that worked out perfect.

My second nephew is celebrating his first birthday. He loves balls – any kind of ball like crazy. I would say he is soccer ready even at this age. lol !!

This simple Chocolate-Orange cake is my first time ever making any shape of a cake. I turned out a bit different than what I imagined in shape. But nevertheless my cousin had loads of fun when we let him smash his cake all by himself.

Cake 5: Chocolate Cake with Soccer & Fall Balls

Ok, Final cake was done for family attending the party both in-person and virtually on facetime. This is a simple chocolate cake topped with buttercream frosting, chocolate ganache drips and decorated with the foam balls on the side.

I am very happy the kids and adults enjoyed all the cakes and I got more confident I can pull off the cake decorations with minimum equipment and little prep. WIN-Win!

PS – which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.


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