About Me

Hi, This is Smitha. Thank you for stopping by to share my passion for baking healthy, easy and yummy food. Happy to have you here.

I am a self taught Baker who loves baking from scratch. My baking journey started trying to make cakes & cookies for my family. Soon followed by trying healthy food overall.

The first time I wanted to bake a cake, I asked one of the friend for a recipe of a cake I tasted at her home. She graciously told me the secret that its store bought ready to bake mix. I felt like yay, this was easy and quicker than I thought.

So, off I went to store, bought the cake mix and excited to see it has everything in it except eggs, oil and couple of spoons of water. I followed the instructions to the T, pre-heated the oven and kept the pan inside the oven when it was ready.

The timer went off after 28 mins and I went to pull out my cake, even more excited to taste my first ever baked cake. Puff, one look at the cake and I was scared to even touch it. It was burnt off as charcoal and ha ha no way edible. Thats because I kept the cake pan in the “under-oven broiler” of the oven :). Yep, that was my first baked item.

I have come a long way from that incident but that funny story definitely reminds me the beginnings of my baking journey.

On this blog, you will find recipes which are simple, easy, healthy and baked mostly from your pantry. Yes, I am one of those kind of people who hate to run to the grocery store for a missing ingredient. I either make do without the ingredient or totally alter the recipe without dramatically changing the result. And Simple and easy is my mantra.

My new addiction is food photography. Please join me while I learn and present the beauty and tasty side of wonderful and healthy food on my blog.

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