2021 July Garden Post

July was super eventful here at our home. We went to Chicago to see my sister’s and had a beautiful vacation through out!

My garden got a bit out of hand by the time I was back. But, I am happy for all the new flowers and the constant showers July is bringing here in NJ.

Also we went to nearby Orchid view Lavender farm and it was breathtaking. The farm was pretty simple. But we spent good 2 hours just walking around and taking pictures and laughing at our kids silly jokes. The store had a good selection of lavender related food and goodies!

And couple of new additions here.

What new plants did you add to your garden?

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Author: Smithasbakelove

Hi, This is Smitha. Thanks for stopping by to share my passion for baking easy and yummy food. Happy to have you here.

11 thoughts

  1. The lavender farm is beautiful! There’s one about an hour from us and I love to visit it. The lady who owns it makes her own lavender-scented products and I love getting her lotions and soaps. They smell so good! I would love to have my own lavender field someday.


    1. I never knew about this until recently. But we will be regular visitors now.
      I just made lavender almond cookies with their lavender extract. My god, it just filled my kitchen with gorgeous and terrific scent!

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  2. Aww that’s fab you got to get in a little break during July and spend some quality time with your sister!

    The flowers look very pretty & colourful 🌷 I wish I knew the name of different plants. We have a couple of new ones (no idea what they’re called) but we’ve had some lovely weather lately and they okay, but the last few days have been torrential downpours. They aren’t looking so good today! That lavender farm is amazing. So vibrant and peaceful just to wander around there for however long you want. xx


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