Instant pot – Corn on the cob

Instant pot even spite of its big size has proudly occupied the major real estate on our kitchen counter tops. But we don’t regret it for a sec. I owned Instant pot long before the instant pot mania has come through the internet. I am not kidding when I bought my first instant pot 8 years ago for $140. Its much cheaper now compared to the price I paid. But the reason I bought it was different.

You see, we south Indians eat rice twice a day for lunch and dinner. And all the rice cookers I was buying at the time had 2 major problems. Non stick interior and that non-stick was getting scratched off by 6 months to 1 year depending on the brand. I was very concerned that the non-stick peels are seeping into my food everyday. When I searched for better and healthier option, instant pot was the one with everything I need, but it was pricey at $140. I bite the bullet and bought it as it’s the single most used appliance in my house. It’s the best investment till date.

Cooked Corn

Ok, now that I told you about my instant story, the corn on the cob can be cooked in the pot without babysitting it or checking the doneness. Its like you plug it and forget it kind of stuff until you are ready to take it out to enjoy!! Here’s how we do it.

Instant Pot-Corn on the cob

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
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Easy way to cook corn on the cob in the instant pot


  • Corn – 4 or 5
  • Water – 1.5 cups
  • Instant pot trivet


  1. Add water to the instant pot. Place the trivet in the pot.
  2. Shuck the corn and trim off the ends – this will make to fit more. Alternatively you can halve them for better portion control.
  3. Close the instant pot lid and pressure cook for 2 mins.
  4. Release using quick release method away from your face. Open the lid and carefully get the trivet with corn out using a kitchen towel.
  5. Cooked corn is ready.

Unshucked corn can be cooked in the same method with 2 cups of water and 4 minutes of cook time.

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