Heart Macarons

I made these simple heart Macarons for Instagram collab on Valentines day recently. Perfect little hearts made my family happy and my instafam excited about the treats.

Macarons, the French delicacies seems to be taking up baking world by storm these days. You can see them in every variation possible – coffee, chocolate, Baileys, oreo, pistachio, shamrock, rainbows, cinnamon toast, lemon and on and on. I am not surprised some people have exclusive macarons baking business.

The ingredients you need for Macarons are simply Almond flour, sugar and egg whites. Most bakers go for 2 or 3 day old egg whites to get crisp whip of egg whites. But this recipe doesn’t follow that rule. Then whip them to stiff peaks, add sugar and almond flour and mix them until ribbons form.

In my opinion, Macarons are  very moody treats. This is not my first time attempting them. And only one time the recipe flopped, I have to say I was successful most of the times. The only reason I dont bake them often is the lengthy process with at most precision in mixing the batter and the high sugar levels for my taste.

Problems I faced with Macarons:

  • Almond flour has to be smooth not super grainy.
  • Work only with egg whites – I have to make another desert with egg yolks.
  • Too sugary – You add sugar in the batter and also as a filling and more.
  • Depending on the batter mixed – problems can be no feet, cracks, hard shells, empty shells, stick to the parchment paper, doesnt rise etc.
  • You undermix the batter – the macarons will not rise and no feet!
  • You overmix the batter – the macarons will break!

That crumbly part on the bottom is called Macaron Feet

But, I am also going to tell you you get lot of product for little batter and they taste out of this world. Cant stop with one treat.

If you still want to try these yummies, hop on over to PiesandTacos website. I dont know her personally but she makes amazing macarons and its her recipe I used for mine. But do follow the instructions very very carefully if this is your first time! Enjoy!

Note: The reason I am not posting the recipe here is couple of things. First, while my macarons are good looking, they are not perfect(at least in my book). I am going to keep them trying for special occasions. Besides, the other website gives you all the info you need to make them perfectly (with practice).

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Author: Smithasbakelove

Hi, This is Smitha. Thanks for stopping by to share my passion for baking easy and yummy food. Happy to have you here.

19 thoughts

  1. Awww so cute! I’ve only ever eaten Macarons (which I’ve always called macaroons) once, two Christmasses ago. They’re surprisingly nice but I’ve never tried making them. It’s interesting to see how they’re actually made and I love the sweet heart design!  ♥ ♥ ♥


  2. What I’m really impressed about you is that you share your honest reviews for each & every recipes. I’ve been reading your posts for past few minutes & now I can’t stop reading them. I feel I’ll miss some delicious recipe!
    Also, I haven’t tasted any macarons yet. So which one should I try first because they look so tempting & aesthetic at the same time! ❤



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