7 Ways to decorate Valentine’s Day treats with Strawberries!

Traditionally Honey-Bees are considered the symbol of love because Sweetness of Honey and Bitterness of their Sting (Source). But, Chocolate covered Strawberries are the most common Valentines day treat! In Ancient Rome, Strawberry is considered the symbol of Venus – the goddess of Love! So, you see there is a connection. Besides, the red color and heart shaped fruit is more than fit enough to celebrate Love!

Valentines Day gifts may be something you bought or something you made. But make them little special and you would have surprised your loved ones in most loving or romantic way!

I love to celebrate Valentine’s day at home with Family. While I am not a big gift giver or receiver, I like to mark the occasion with something special for my dear ones. Be it cookies, homemade donuts, cakes or anything they love – I like to make them elegant and special to pump up their day.

In my continuous effort to make the natural items as garnish to my cakes or baked goods, my love would go to strawberries beyond doubt.

But you can dress them up a bit differently this year to for a different and fun twist! I came up with few simple ways to decorate/garnish your baked goods.

Read on!

1.Simplest of all – Cut them into small pieces

This is the most simple one. But how and where you place them gives changes the dynamic. It is more elegant on the white background of the Vanilla Cake topped with Whipped cream.

It need not be elaborate for the love to show off.

2.Slices hanging from the stem.

You might have seen this all the time. Its simple but also effective.

Check out how I used as garnish for my Vegan Strawberry Tart

3. Strawberry Slices cut into hearts

Cut the Strawberry in half. Use the small Heart Cookie Cutter to cut them into hearts. Use them on cakes, drinks or just decoration!

Use the hearts as-is or ice cream sticks to make a separate display.

4. Cut the Strawberries into hearts

With no tools around, you can cut the strawberries into hearts all by themselves. Its easier than you think. Just slice the top of the strawberries in hearts while removing the stem. Then simply slice them in half. After cutting, they look like hearts…I promise!

5.Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This is the most popular one for the Valentines day. Simply dip the strawberries in melted chocolate. Use heart sprinkles, white chocolate or pink color to add more love to them. Its an entrée of its own in my book.

6.Ladies Special – Strawberries as Roses

Make Roses without the actual Roses.

Start by making small slits at the bottom of the strawberries without completely cutting them off. slowly go to top of the berries with fewer and small slits. Open them wide as petals. There, your strawberry Roses are ready.

Check out My Wedding Anniversary Cake.

7. Gents Special – Make Strawberry Tuxedos

You want to make it extra special for that special guy in your life, dress them up as Tuxedo suits with chocolate. Nope, no extra skills/tools needed.

Use Melted Brown and white chocolate and couple of toothpicks. Just make sure you dont put them in freezer after dipping in chocolate. The chocolate will crack as strawberries harden.


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