Misfits Market Produce

This is not a paid marketing. Just want to share the love.

Do they even look like Misfits?

Fresh, juicy, green, colorful and oh so inviting us to enjoy them. Fresh ORGANIC fruits and veggies delivered right to your doorstep. It doesn’t get better than this and no reason NOT to enjoy the fresh abundance.

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This is the small or ‘Mischief box’ delivered to me yesterday. I couldn’t resist to share it with you all.

It has kale, broccoli, beans, lettuce, snacking peppers, zucchini, apples, plums, lime, potatoes, eggplant and mango. That’s a lottttt of stuff for under $25….. even more so for ORGANIC produce —— delivered right to my door.

Here are my reasons to go for this box.

  • Organic – Number 1
  • Fruits & Veggies
  • Affordable – I spend more than $30 in grocery store on non-organic produce any day.
  • Variety of the produce
  • Loose veggies are packed in bio-degradable green bags
  • Comes with recipe card, packed fresh and in minimum bags – All the stuff is in one large box with dry ice.
  • Opt for small(mischief) or large(madness) box.
  • Opt for weekly or bi-weekly delivery.
  • Skip the week or even few weeks
  • Cancel anytime.

Best of all – This is the produce you are saving from going to landfill.

Wait up…… that’s not all. You will be getting 30% discount on your first box if you use the link below. The offer is valid till Sep 23. Hurry up !!!!

Subscribe to Misfits for 30% off

Be sure to take advantage to this wonderful, organic fresh produce option.

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Author: Smithasbakelove

Hi, This is Smitha. Thanks for stopping by to share my passion for baking easy and yummy food. Happy to have you here.

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