Garden Post – July

July came in with lots of sunshine, rain and greenery in NJ. And more deer, than I would like to see. Its kind of a normal to see deer often on the roads in New Jersey. Especially in the back routes and on the highway. But I never had a problem with those in my garden until last year.

This year, they started with my lilly plants :(. I had a bunch of 50 or more lilly buds but couple of weeks, all of them disappeared in one night. I was like super mad. My hubby on the other side was like, where else can they get their food? Hmm good point. But I wanted them to leave few atleast. Afterall, the flowers are the very reason to celebrate spring time.

The tomato plants and other veggies are doing really really well. I got the fence around the veggie garden now as last year the deer ate everything in our backyard. We got our first tomato in the beginning of July. Here are more pics of the flowers and veggies.

Flowers are so vivid and beautiful.

Only lillies left on my plants
Last peony of the season. Look how big it is compared to my hand. And it smells divine.
Jasmine – most fragrant flower.

And now comes all veggies.

Honorable mention – Curry leaf plant
Gongura – Mesta / bassialatifolia

How’s your garden looking like? let me know in the comments.

Author: Smithasbakelove

Hi, This is Smitha. Thanks for stopping by to share my passion for baking easy and yummy food. Happy to have you here.

2 thoughts

  1. Curry leaf plant? That’s an interesting one!
    Lovely flowers, so pretty 🌷 We’ve done okay with tomatoes too, and while we had some strawberries a few weeks ago the plants have been struggling since so I doubt there’ll be any more. xx

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