My Top 5 baking tips

How do I get better at cooking?
How do I get better at baking?
How do I make tasty/yummy food?

Most of us thought of cooking 101 or baking 101 at some point if you are like me and spending some time in the kitchen. Whether you can bake like a Bakerina or a beginner baker, I thought a few of the tips I learned would be beneficial to anyone’s tips and tricks box. Below are my top 5 in no particular order.

Cake Pan Liner

Make your own cake pan liner using the wax paper. Tear a sheet of wax paper or parchment paper. Fold it in half, then fourths and then in sixths as shown in the picture below. Simply reverse the cake pan you are using, hold the folded paper at the center of the cake pan, draw a line or fold to down to make a rough sketch of the curve. Cut it and then open the circle which fits in the cake pan.

I recommend NOT using pencil or marker to cut the fold. The ink will seep into the food if you are not careful to cut inside the line.

Don’t fret if it’s not perfect. It need not be. Using wax or parchment paper for this method is totally up to your preference. My cakes always slip out beautifully with this method.

Lemon Zester

Invest in a good “Lemon Zester”. Even better, get the tool with multi-usage. Like this one. This is a zester – juicer – reamer – seed catcher – channel knife and grater. I used it not only for lemons but for oranges, grapefruits and even carrots. I am pretty sure it can be used on more produce. My favorites are grater and zester.

I really wouldn’t have done the 50 bags of chocolate-orange cookies I made for a friend without this handy dandy multi-tool. I bought mine off of Amazon and after liking it and using it so much and oh so beautiful yellow color, I contacted the company if they can give any discount for future customers.

Click this link and use the discount code RXHD-XS7GNV-AXQQA to get 10% off of your zester.

Baking time

There is really no trick here only a tip. Some of the recipes suggest to turn the pan around half time or after few 5-10 mins depending on the recipe. Often times, I forget that until its too late. So, these days I am trying to start the timer for the said half time or the few minutes the recipe suggests. That way when the alarm goes off, I can come and turn the pan around. Then begin the timer again for the rest of the baking time.

For example, if the total baking time like this Kale chips needs 20 mins in the oven and turn it around halfway through, I start my timer for 10 mins first. After timer goes off, I turn it around, and restart the timer for another 10 mins. This is working out perfectly for me.

But, please make sure you restart the timer so that you don’t forget it completely and burn your food. Nope, we don’t need that.

Making a Buttercream

After you whisk the heck out of the butter, you add few cups of the powdered sugar, start the mixer again to make the buttercream. Boom – the sugar powder is everywhere, no matter how slow you start it.

Solution is – Simply wrap a kitchen towel around the bowl after adding the sugar and before you start the mixer again. This will contain the mess by loads. You know what I mean.

Stainless Steel Pan

It’s not entirely about baking but if you are making something in the stainless steel pan first and then baking in the same pan, you should read this. Many people don’t like to cook with stainless steel since its common misconception that the food sticks to the pan. There is truth to that. But only if you add the food too early. Let me explain.

First, when you heat the stainless steel pan, always do water mercury ball test. Nope it’s not hi-fi thingy. The pores of the metal open and close when you start to heat it. You add the food when the pores are open, it sticks to the pan. Wait a bit more until they close, the food doesn’t stick. The wait is definitely worth it.

Water sizzles and evaporates – the pan is hot but not ready.

Water moves around like a mercury ball – Yep, its ready. Cook away.

Do you have any tips and tricks under your hat that will make baking more fun and easy? I would be happy to know more. Sharing is caring.

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Author: Smithasbakelove

Hi, This is Smitha. Thanks for stopping by to share my passion for baking easy and yummy food. Happy to have you here.

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