Cake with Buttercream Roses

This is kind of part-2 of the Cakes baked last week at Smithasbakelove Headquarters :). This was for birthday with florals and piping techniques I am still learning. Lots of fun when you have too much icing to play with and too many piping tips rolling around. Ha ha…I was like kid with too many toys given at the same time.

Again, this cake also uses the Vanilla Cake recipe on the blog. Its the moist and yummy cake which uses buttermilk and other simple ingredients. I wanted one vanilla and one chocolate layer for the cake. So I added 1/4 cup of cocoa powder for second half of the cake.

I made a simple 2-tier, 4 inch cake for the birthday. The buttercream flowers were my main target. It was ok for first trial. I have to practice a lot to get the defined shapes.


So, the initial thought was to make a drip cake. Another style I want to try. Well, that didn’t pan out very well. So, I made the chocolate ganache and mixed it with cream too soon with melted chocolate – first mistake. Second one was pouring it on whipped cream while its H.O.T…. Guess I forgot to have my cup of joe that morning.

Obvious to say, it was a pinky mess dripping all around the cake. I still went ahead by piping small flowers and adding sprinkles around the cake. One look at the finished product said, it looked awful.

So, I scrapped the ganache mess on the sides of the cake and go for simple piping decoration since the top of the cake had buttercream flowers I made the previous day.

I used one layers of chocolate and Vanilla each. Filled with mango pieces and homemade whipped cream. Gave it a crumb coat and then used the buttercream flowers on the top. Piped few yellow strokes and dots on the sides of the cake. The cake looked loads better this time. Phew.

The cake was really scrumptious, half of it was gone in minutes.

Did you try the buttercream flowers? Let me know by tagging at #Smithasbakelove.

Author: Smithasbakelove

Hi, This is Smitha. Thanks for stopping by to share my passion for baking easy and yummy food. Happy to have you here.

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  1. I love the combination of chocolate and vanilla layers in this, it looks incredible and the buttercream roses are so pretty! It would almost be a shame to cut into it to eat after making it. Almost…! Yum yum 🙂
    Caz xx

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